Parent Accountability Pt. 2 – A Report Card for Parents

Parent Report Cards?

We give students grades; we give schools grades. The new Educator-Effective Laws being implemented across the country advance parents and the public being provided clear information about teacher effectiveness. When will we start giving parents grades on parenting effectiveness? Perhaps instead of writing the child’s name on the report card; we should replace it with the parent’s. In addition, there should be a special checklist on the report card for parents.

1. I turn off the television each evening in order for my child to complete homework. (Pass/Fail)
2. I provide an environment conducive to studying. (Pass/Fail)
3. I read to my child/my child reads to me. (Pass/Fail)
4. I model reading newspapers, magazines, books for my child (Pass/Fail).
5. My child has a library card. (Pass/Fail)
6. I monitor homework. (Pass/Fail)
7. I attend parent-teacher conferences. (Pass/Fail).
8. My child has a hobby beyond video games or the computer (Pass/Fail) .
9. I don’t leave my child alone with every new (wo)man I happen to be dating (Pass/Fail).
10. I don’t allow my child to worship celebrity, sex, or violence. (Pass/Fail)
11. My child attends school on time and on a regular basis (Pass/Fail).
12. My child attends class and is never truant.

Four failures and the parent receives a warning; the second time the parent goes before the school board, and the third time the parent’s name is posted in the newspaper for all to see, just like schools.
As we attempt to create instruments and tools to hold teachers accountable, we need similar tools and instruments for parents..
I hope the next movie that reformers produce and promote focuses on how parents need to redefine their roles during the era of technological change and globalization.
After all, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”. William Ross Wallace