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Lorraine Richardson, The Chief Owl’s Website

The Chief Owl’s Website

Inside of every retired educator is a wise owl struggling to get out. This page is where I wish to share my expertise, experience, wisdom, insight, and “secrets” distilled from my multi-decades of experience as an urban teacher and instructional coach.

My Foundational Coaching Goals:

Although coaches work with teachers to move them from where they are to where they want or need to be, there are goal that should apply to EVERY teacher.

Employing a nonthreatening approach, coaches work to:

1. Build a shared system of responsibility.
2. Identify areas of strength (assets, gifts, talents) for teachers to share with one another.
3. Identify areas for growth to enhance teachers’ career longevity.
4. Assist teachers to move past their current level of performance.
5. Identify challenges that might interfere with a positive teaching experience.
6. Increase teacher efficacy (belief that one’s actions can make a difference) See my two blog posts: A Teacher’s Scent- A Cautionary Tale and Educator: Is It Your Scent?
7. Assist teachers as they reflect on and articulate reasons for their actions.
8. Identify potential conflicts and ethical dilemmas.

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