American Security Guards: The Voice as a Weapon Instead of a Gun

America needs to do a better job of preparing/training security guards, instilling in them how NOT to elevate “macho” behavior over what is needed to preserve life and property.
The voice can serve as a WEAPON/tool of CONFRONTATION or as weapon/tool to solicit COOPERATION. When I was a child, I knew just how fast I needed to respond when my grandmother called me just by her tone of voice.

How different that fatal winter night might have turned out had George Zimmerman been TRAINED/EDUCATED to use his body language and voice as tools of cooperation. How different the future of both males would have been had George Zimmerman been trained to approach strangers with a non-threatening body language and a non-confrontational tone by Calling Out: “YOUNG MAN, SIR, where are you going? Is there anything I can do to help you find your way?” I am Security Officer Zimmerman and I have been hired to protect this area.
My experience as an educator who (at under five feet tall) has worked with teenagers informs me that they are belligerent by nature and seek ways to exert their power, to test their boundaries. Often males are weary of being dominated by their mothers, female teachers and seek to flex their muscles in unacceptable ways.

I wasn’t there that fateful night, but I have witnessed too many situations escalate that could have been avoided had the adult used proper body language and tone of voice in addressing African-American males.This is especially true in hallway situations with security personnel assigned to urban high schools.

Over the years I have learned to NEVER address a Black Male with whom I have no caring relationship with by calling him “boy” unless I want the situation to get out of control. Unfortunately, I believe that some of what happened that night was a WAR of testosterone power vs. testosterone power, a WAR of wills.Trayvon Martin lost his life, and George Zimmerman lost his “way of life” A tragic situation all the way around.